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"After three weeks visiting my dad, I was scheduled to fly home. 'I don’t want you to go,' he told me."
"I remember thinking that he went to the doctor more than seemed usual, but when I asked if there was a reason why, he quickly changed the subject."
"I told everyone to leave me alone and actually muted the group to avoid any further discussion."
"I remember being told ‘That’s a grownup decision’ and ‘Give (random extended family member) a hug.’ I hated it.”
"Today I able to take a half day and this weekend I plan on doing nothing. This seems to be a problem."
"I feel that his daughters are forever trying to tear us apart, and that all they ever want is to have their father all to themselves."
Siblings — some with a huge age difference, others with a tiny one — tell all.
Demographic shifts may mean changing roles for grandparents within family networks.
"I’ve realised that family isn’t always something you’re born into."