Sean From Texas Tattoos The Most Miserable Things Ever (And We Totally Want One)

Meet Sean from Texas, the Hollywood-based tattooist changing the ink scene with his bad mood skate-punk style.

But it’s not all one endless bummer for the LA artist, Sean’s cartoonish illustrations have gained him almost 90 thousand Instagram followers and a cult-like status, with fans including rapper Brooke Candy and model Bradley Soileau (of Lana Del Rey music video fame).

Can’t wait to get booked in on his hefty waiting list? Don’t get too down about it (or do) and check out our pick of his most depressive designs.

It's like this guy just gets us.

Is it tomorrow already?

Here's to 2015.

"Oh my god, it even has a watermark."

Every. Single. Day.

Current mood.

Forever alone.

We feel you, bro.

It's only up from here.

Everything will be ok.

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