University Of Colorado Boulder Fights Racism With Racism By Putting Up Controversial Posters

A university is putting up controversial posters around its campus in a bid to fight racism - with racism.

University Of Colorado Boulder is hoping to encourage its students to report acts of racism, ethnic intimidation, homophobia and other acts of bias. Using quotes from incidents which have actually occurred, the posters make for a hard-hitting campaign.

"We want students to be uncomfortable," student Judewon Kebede, who helped create the signs, told CBS News. "I think 'Go back to Africa' hit me hardest because that relates directly to my identity. I've been uncomfortable being told that."

In a message posted on the institution's website, chancellor Philip DiStefano said: "From hateful messages written on white boards outside of residence hall rooms, to slurs uttered at parties or in public places on and off campus, to physical threats implied or stated directly, Bias Motivated Incidents (BMIs) not only intimidate individuals, they threaten whole communities and classes of people – people who are our classmates, colleagues, friends and welcome members of our community."

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