This 'All Male Panels' Tumblr Will Make Your Feminist Blood Boil

This 'All Male Panels' Tumblr Will Make Your Feminist Blood Boil

Ever been to a seminar or event only to find a group of middle-aged men sat on stage and not a single woman? Yes, of course you have. Are you tired of the lack of female representation at such events? Yes, of course you are.

Well now there's a chance to not only get riled up about it on the bus home, but to call out all-male panels and poke fun at their ridiculousness. Because they are totally ridiculous.

'All Male Panels' is the hilarious new Tumblr that will make you laugh, cry and then get pretty angry.

It documents “all male panels, seminars, events, and various other things featuring all male experts”, by uploading screenshots of these osaid panels with a stamp of David Hasselhoff giving a massive thumbs up alongside the words: "Congrats, you have an all male panel!"

For HuffPost UK Lifestyle using male and female experts for panel discussions or events is a bit of a no-brainer, but it seems some people still aren't getting the memo.

In order to break through that glass ceiling, women and girls need visible role models to aspire to. Also, in order to have a dynamic, forward-thinking and though-provoking conversation, we need women's perspective.

It's ridiculous that women's opinions are seldom heard. I mean, it's not like women make up 52% of the population or anything, is it?