‘CSI' Cancelled: Here Are The 10 Things We've Loved Most (PICS, VIDEO)

The 10 Things We'll Miss Most About 'CSI'

After 15 seasons, CBS are calling time on the police drama, and there are just a few months left before the department bids goodbye, with a 2-hour TV movie special.

To say we’ve taken the news badly is a bit of an understatement.

During its time on our screens, ‘CSI’ has provided endless hours of entertainment, proving itself as a detective show that can have a good chuckle at itself - and book some of the most bizarre guests ever.

You’d think that after over 300 shows, and spin-offs set in New York and Miami, writers may have run out of ideas, but ‘CSI’ has soldiered on.

Ahead of the big goodbye (*sob*), here are the things we’ll miss most about the show - and its loyal companions, ‘CSI: Miami’ and ‘CSI:NY’...

1. The ridiculous gadgets

CSI: The Things We'll Miss Most Listicle

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