14/05/2015 14:00 BST | Updated 14/05/2015 14:59 BST

Jimmy Bullard Threatens Naughty Boy With Phone Call To His Friend Louis Tomlinson On 'Celebrity Juice' (PICS)

Louis Tomlinson has received some unlikely support in his ongoing feud with Naughty Boy, from none other than former footballer and ‘I’m A Celebrity’ contestant Jimmy Bullard.

Yes, really!


Jimmy puts in an appearance in Thursday night’s ‘Celebrity Juice’, where Naughty Boy is also on the panel, leading to an awkward exchange between the pair when presenter Keith Lemon couldn’t help but bring up the music producer’s recent feud with Louis.

After the recent Twitter exchange between Louis and Naughty Boy flashed up on screens, Jimmy told his fellow celebrities: “Guess who my friend is? Louis.”

Jimmy Bullard teases Naughty Boy

Jimmy even goes as far as suggesting that he’s going to ring Louis - despite Naughty Boy’s protestations - but thankfully for him, he’s “asleep” when he makes the call.

After failing to get through to his 1D pal, Jimmy says: “You’re lucky, he’s asleep.

"Seriously he had a lot to tell me and he don’t f*cking like him."

Naughty Boy seems unimpressed

Naughty Boy responded: “I don’t know [Louis], he doesn’t know me. It’s just the music business, we’re not saving lives, come on, let’s just get real.

“I’ve got no problem with him, I’ve got no problem with anyone really.”

Following a very public war of words between Louis and Naughty Boy - which kicked off shortly after Zayn Malik left the boyband back in March - Zayn recently responded to Louis’ jibes, asking his former bandmate: “Remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine?”


Find out how it all plays out between Jimmy and Naughty Boy on Thursday night’s ‘Celebrity Juice’, airing at 10pm on ITV2.