Louis Walsh Wants 'Strictly Come Dancing' Spot, Insists He Wasn't 'Sacked' From 'X Factor'

How Has Louis Stuck The Boot Into Simon Cowell?

Louis Walsh appears to have stuck the boot into his former ‘X Factor’ boss Simon Cowell, by revealing that he’d be keen to appear on this year’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.


The Irish judge has been on the panel for the past 11 series of ‘X Factor’, but it’s thought he won’t be returning for the next series, insisting now that he’d like to cross over and appear on rival show ‘Strictly’ instead.

Speaking to The Mirror about potentially making the jump to the BBC, he joked: “I can’t dance at all, that’s why it will be so good.

Louis Walsh

Louis has even gone as far as picking out a professional dancer he wants to be partnered with, claiming he would like to dance with ballroom expert and controversy magnet, Ola Jordan, should he land himself a place in this year's line-up.

Despite reports to the contrary, Louis has also insisted that he wasn’t “sacked” from ‘X Factor’, adding: “I can honestly tell you that [I wasn’t sacked], but I'm not hanging around for them this year because I want to go back to being a manager.

“I'm basically going back to my roots, which is the reason I got into this business - music. I love music.

"But I wasn't sacked, I haven't been hired and I'm not hanging around."

However, Simon appeared to confirm Louis’ departure from the show when he sent out a tweet praising him as “one of the good guys”, adding: “We will always be friends. The door remains open and who knows what’s next.”

Louis has even been vocal about who he’d like to be his ‘X Factor’ replacement, while we have a few suggestions of our own...

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