Piers Morgan Excoriates The NRA And The 'Grotesque' Wayne LaPierre At The Oxford Union

Piers Morgan Berates 'Grotesque' NRA In Oxford Union Talk

Piers Morgan may no longer be at CNN, but the former tabloid editor hasn't deserted the fight against the perversion of the Second Amendment of the US constitution -- the right to keep and bear arms.

Speaking at the Oxford Union earlier this week, Morgan was asked about the argument that became the most potent emblem of his run fronting the prime time show for the American broadcaster: the role of the National Rifle Association and its ongoing campaign against gun safety.

Arguing that the US constitution is not a “great sacred document” beyond updating, Morgan said: “Do you think the founding fathers would have sat here now and not changed the law to prohibit the use of machine guns with civilians on the streets?”

“There is a ridiculous NRA-driven obsession with telling Americans it’s your right to be armed to the teeth. That’s the problem and it’s driven from pure commercial greed,” he added.

“The NRA is funded by the gun manufacturers… so every time there is a mass shooting up gets [Executive Vice President of the NRA] Wayne LaPierre, who is a grotesque human being, who says ‘if only everybody in that cinema had a gun, they’d have stopped it’.”

Morgan excoriated the owner of a gun store he spoke to during his time on CNN for wanting every female teacher in the US to “carry a gun in her brassiere,” while bemoaning the US as a “completely different culture.” He concluded: “You just pray somebody, somewhere is brave enough to say enough of this because it’s bullshit. I tried but I got fired…”

Below is a selection of Morgan's biggest clashes with pro-gun advocates:


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