Oxford Union

Brendan McGrath said he had 'manifestly failed' to make all members feel welcome at the union.
Brendan McGrath, the Oxford Union president, has stepped down from his role following the outcry over the treatment of Ebenezer Azamati at an event at the Union.
What happened to Ebenezer Azamati is the effect of racist and ableist exclusion at its most violent, journalist Micha Frazer-Carroll writes.
University's Africa Society calls for security to be punished, and asks: Why didn't other students speak up sooner?
The student, originally from Ghana, said he was left feeling “unwelcome in the Union, Oxford and even the country.”
We might claim we want to expose the likes of Bannon in debate - but whatever happens, the far right will use the platform to raise support
The debating society announced the alt-right speaker on Wednesday, a decision which sparked backlash.