Aberystwyth University Students Vote To Stop Supplying Bibles As It Made Them Feel 'Uncomfortable'

Aberystwyth Students Vote To Stop Supplying Bibles As It Made Them Feel 'Uncomfortable'
A bible laying upon an hotel bed.
A bible laying upon an hotel bed.
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Aberystwyth University students have voted to stop supplying bibles in student halls as it made them feel "uncomfortable" and was an "inappropriate" move in such a multicultural institution.

Despite only 5% of students voting on the issue, the motion was passed, ending a tradition going back generations.

There were also concerns over the "ambiguity" of the question posed to voters, but the result is now binding, the Cambrian News reported.

Students were asked to vote yes or no as to whether the university should implement a policy of only supplying religious texts when requested for by students. Only 475 students voted, out of the 10,000 population at the university.

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The Bible ban was called for by students John David Morgan and Daniel Brothers, the Express reported.

Morgan told a student council meeting: "Compulsory inclusion of Bibles in university bedrooms is inappropriate in a multicultural university such as Aberystwyth.

"It could be offensive for some, and the university should provide a safe space for students to explore and develop their beliefs in a neutral environment.

"Bibles should however still be available for those who wish to have them."

The university said: "The University is aware of a recent referendum vote that took place on the matter, and referendum’s result. Aberystwyth University has a proud history of working with the Students’ Union on a wide variety of issues, and will work with representatives from the Students’ Union to facilitate students receiving spiritual texts which reflect their personal choice."

A survey conducted in 2014 by the student union found almost half in one halls of residence felt the compulsory inclusion of Bibles in rooms was "uncomfortable" or "unacceptable".


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