Baby Nearly Reduced To Tears When She Tries Avocados For The First Time

Watch This Baby Try Avocado For The First Time (And Hate It)

With health benefits second to none and it's creamy taste, there are very few people who can say they hate avocados.

But this baby is willing to protest.

In a hilarious home video, baby Autumn, is nearly reduced to tears when her mother feeds her avocado for the first time.

Her facial expressions are hilarious.

"We decided to introduce avocados, don't think she's a fan," her father Victor wrote when uploading the video.

But although her initial reaction isn't exactly happy, her parents give her a couple more tastes (just in case).

The video captures her reaction to every single mouthful she gets. She frowns and holds her lips together in disgust as she tastes avocado again.

She does not like it. At all.

Autumn moves her head away and her mother asks: "Is it really that bad?"

Apparently it is.

Other parents on YouTube have commented on the video, agreeing that their babies don't like the fruit either.

"We'll have to try that!" says Autumn's father.

We wonder how that went down...

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