Nick Grimshaw Talks 'X Factor' Rumours: 'I'd Love To Be A Judge On The Show'

Grimmy Weighs In On THOSE 'X Factor' Rumours

Nick Grimshaw has weighed in on recent reports linking him to ‘The X Factor’ as a new addition to the judging panel, admitting he would like to take on the role.


Following Louis Walsh’s ‘X Factor’ departure - which has been all but confirmed by show boss Simon Cowell - Nick is reportedly at the top of producers’ wishlists to take over, which sounds like something he’d definitely be up for.

Nick Grimshaw

He also refused to confirm or deny that the rumours about him being in talks with producers were true, adding: “[The rumours are] nothing but speculation... pretty much everyone's - who has had anything to do with music - names have been involved.”

"So there's nothing more to that so far."

Still, that “so far” sounds promising, right?

Louis Walsh

Despite reports to the contrary, earlier this week Louis insisted that he hadn’t been “sacked” from ‘The X Factor’, saying: “I can honestly tell you that [I wasn’t sacked], but I'm not hanging around for them this year because I want to go back to being a manager.

“I'm basically going back to my roots, which is the reason I got into this business - music. I love music.

"But I wasn't sacked, I haven't been hired and I'm not hanging around."

Sara Cox

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