Watch Adrenaline Junkie James Kingston Defy Death In His Terrifying New Video

This Guy's Climb Of A Very Tall And Wobbly 'Thing' Is Stomach Churning

It's never a good sign when you see a set of legs dangling from a great height.

To James Kingston however, climbing 'wobbly things' seem to be his idea of an adventure.

In his latest video, which will be a nail-biting one minute and 40 seconds even to the most ardent daredevil, Kingston walks a steel crane-like structure made up of rectangular rods that appear to be slightly wider than the width of a tight rope.

You'd think that because the structure is made of steel, Kingston's little escapade is safer. It's not.

As he inches his way across the beams while trying to avoid dying, the steel "thing" begins to wobble.

It's reasonable to assume that this sort of hurdle is normal for Kingston, a free climber who says he was arrested last year for scaling Dubai's second tallest skyscraper.

As Kingston lets out a worryingly loud groan, while discovering just how unsteady the steel beams are, you wonder if his seasoned nerves are fraying.

YouTuber, Trollzous wrote: “this made me have really weird feelings in my feet.”

Another viewer honestly stated: “I didn’t realise my butt cheeks could pucker up this tight.”

Earlier this year, Channel 4 aired a documentary on Kingston’s climbing adventures called Don’t Look Down.

His appetite for dizzying heights has earned him a healthy following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Kingston’s 70,000 Instagram followers clearly never get bored of seeing his legs dangle from the edge of a crane.

If you’ve never heard of Kingston, his latest climb, wobbles and all, is a good introduction to his antics.

Happy butt cheek puckering.


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