19/05/2015 13:07 BST | Updated 19/05/2015 13:59 BST

Claire Coffee Announces Birth Of Baby Boy (And The Grimm Season Finale) On Instagram

Claire Coffee has welcomed a gorgeous baby boy, with her husband, Chris Thile.

The actress, who starred in Grimm, announced the news of the arrival of her son Calvin Eugene Thile, on her Instagram.

She shared a photo of her newborn curled up asleep in her arms... as well as reminding her fans of the Grimm season finale.

"I don't know what's more instense!" she wrote when sharing the news.

'JK,its definitely childbirth!" she adds.

Coffee told PEOPLE magazine her newborn's middle name was in aid of her late grandfather.

"Cal has already made great strides in the arts of eating, sleeping, and pooping,” she added. “We are heads over heels in love.​”

Coffee only announced she was pregnant in January this year, telling the magazine that it had definitely been planned to coincide with her and her husband's hectic schedules.

Since then, she has uploaded some precious baby bump photos, showing just how excited she was to be expecting her first child.

"See you soon baby" she writes.

37 Weeks. See you soon, baby. (thanks to @apeainthepodmaternity for the best dress ever)

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Things are getting pretty pregnant over here on @nbcgrimm... #30Weeks #doIneedaworkpermitforthisbump #SAGAFTRA

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