Cannes 2015 Fashion: The Best Celebrity Airport Style

When you're en route to Cannes Film Festival, its de rigueur to look as good as you do on the red carpet.

By some kind of wizardry, celebrities manage to pull off mile-high style with ease (seriously, who manages to look that good after a long-haul flight?!) and turn the terminal into their very own catwalk.

See the best jet-set fashion the Nice Airport has to offer in the video above. From Karlie Kloss' comfy casuals to Naomi Watts' polished tailoring... all teamed with a fail-safe pair of sunnies (à la Rosie Huntington Whiteley) of course.

It's like Ugg boots never even existed...

"Irrational Man" Premiere - The 68th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival 2015