Parents Demonstrate How To Introduce A Dog To A Newborn Baby In Home Video

Your dog can be just as much part of the family as a child can be.

Add a newborn baby into the mix and things could get a little confusing for your pet.

That was the view of these new parents who filmed a home video introducing their newborn, who they'd just brought home from the hospital, to their dog in a 'how to' style video.

The three-minute video gives a step-by-step guide to how they introduced their dog to their newborn.

  • First, the new mum enters by herself and greets the dog, giving him a stroke and telling him he's a good boy.
  • Daddy and baby don't enter until the dog has been calmed down and told to sit down.
  • Daddy and baby enter while the dog is laying down, and slowly crouch down so the dog can erm, sniff the baby.

  • If the dog gets too excited, the dad stands up again until he has calmed down.
  • Warning: this part might take a few tries.
  • Finally the dog will understand and lay down, showing you he isn't going to harm the little baby.
  • Congratulate the dog for being careful and give him some love.
  • Voila... they make it look pretty easy, don't you think?

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