Unlikely Fashion Icon Sparks New Menswear Trend... For Tank Top Dresses

Tank Top Dresses For Guys Are A Thing Now Apparently

When Reddit user Itscostas bought an XL tank top from Walmart, he didn't expect to come home with what looked like a bodycon dress...

But the internet went crazy for his new look.

After posting a photo on Imgur with the caption: ‘Bought XL tank tops from Walmart so they’re not skin tight, this is not what I expected’, he received 2,400 comments on Reddit and over 3,200,000 views on Imgur.

Complete with hipster beard, we think he looks pretty dashing in his new vest-dress. Could this be a new menswear trend for the summer? Only time will tell (but keep an eye out in Shoreditch in the upcoming months).

Here are some of the funniest reactions from commenters on Reddit:

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