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Though paper bag waist pants are the comfortable trouser trend we’ve been waiting for, it can be difficult to find a pair that are flattering
I think more people will use fashion as a form of expression, identity-seeking and statement-making in 2018.
Pull out your old Tommy Jeans t-shirt.
Because we’re always looking to stay on top of the newest, coolest, weirdest and most interesting trends, we’ve already got our eyes on the style trends that’ll dominate fashion headlines in 2018. 
If you like to stay on top of fashion trends, looking at runway shows is a great place to start, but they’re not always indicative of popular trends in countries around the world. 
One thing is for sure, millennials are not like their parents. Or their parents' parents. They've challenged traditional notions of everything from religion, to professions and marriage. And with this disruption, they've pioneered previously unthinkable markets, like the sharing economy and online dating.
Let me give you an example. Growing up in Manchester, with its trademark rain, the first decade of my life was spent feeling never less than semi-damp in purple cagoule. I was 13 before I realized most people didn't rustle when they walked.
Fashion's slow response to embrace plus size, or 'extended sizes' - a far healthier use of language - is enveloped in historical perceptions of 'thin' that reach right back to the last century. Positioned as the correct aesthetic, it has led to this sizing becoming the norm in western driven fashion terms.
It may not be the most well-known hashtag, but the rise in popularity of the 'I want what I want when I want it' attitude is no secret. Shoppers don't want to fall in love with a dress and have to wait six months for it to be in season and on the rack. As a result, we're seeing the rise of "seasonless fashion" in every market and at every price point.