Tom Daley Birthday: 21 Reasons To Love The Olympic Diver As He Turns 21

21 Reasons To Love Tom Daley As He Celebrates His Coming Of Age

Tom Daley will be blowing out a lot of candles on his birthday cake today as the Olympian is turning 21.

The hunk in trunks has grown up in front of the nation after becoming a diving sensation at the tender age of nine.

But 21 May 2015 marks his coming of age, and boy has Tom been through a lot over the last 21 years.

Tom Daley

He’s put in thousands of hours of training, suffered sporting disappointment as well as plenty of success, lost his father to a brain tumour, won Olympic bronze, launched a TV career and found love with Oscar-winning scriptwriter Dustin Lance Black after coming out in 2013.

So as we raise a glass to Tom, let’s remind ourselves just why we love him so much.

WARNING! May contain plenty of shameless semi-naked shots.

Which we see all the time because he’s basically ALWAYS naked

21 Reasons To Love Tom Daley

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