21/05/2015 07:40 BST | Updated 21/05/2015 07:59 BST

Nike Air Max 90 25th Anniversary: Are These Chocolate Nikes The Best Design Yet?

The Nike Air Max 90 is being reissued in all sorts of stylish special editions this year to celebrate the trainer's 25th anniversary... but we never expected an edible version!

London based design student Milan Miladinov decided he could do one better than the brand's official designs and recreated the iconic shoe out of solid chocolate.

The results were nothing short of incredible...

Miladinov told HuffPost UK Style: "I was hugely inspired by the new CocoJet chocolate 3D printing technology that has very recently been released.

"It got me thinking about the culinary possibilities we will have and naturally, being a huge fan of the Air Max 90, I put this in the mixture of thoughts."

He revealed he created the shoe by making a silicon mould around the Air Max 90, filling it with plaster first to keep its shape.

The designer then melted milk chocolate and hand-painted the inside of the mould "to get all the amazing detail". Once painted, he closed the mould up and filled it completely with the liquid chocolate.

It took 15 whole hours at room temperature for the chocolate to set, but we think this sweet design was definitely worth the wait (although this is one shoe that definitely needs to stay inside the box).

Solid Chocolate Air Max 90 2/3 #chocolate #nike #airmax #airmaxalways

A photo posted by Milan Miladinov (@manlikemilan) on

Solid Chocolate Air Max 90 3/3 #chocolate #nike #airmax #airmaxalways

A photo posted by Milan Miladinov (@manlikemilan) on

Looks good enough to eat.

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