Deaf People Hear The Voices Of Loved Ones In Heartwarming Video (And It'll Make You Feel Warm And Fuzzy Inside)

Jessa Mae is just like any other 16-year-old: she loves meeting up with friends, laughing and dancing.

She is also deaf.

"My dad is a fisherman. But I've never heard the ocean," she revealed.

Jessa Mae is one of hundreds of people in the Philippines who was recently been given a hearing aid as part of a special project.

The teenager is joined by 28-year-old Eugene and 59-year-old Isagani for a free hearing aid fitting. And it's a wonderful moment to behold.

When Eugene was younger, he had a life-threatening fever which sadly led to him going deaf. Meanwhile Isagani, who has built a school for deaf children, says that he wants to be able to hear his kids play their instruments "more than anything".

This dream became a reality in November 2014 when Spotify teamed up with Starkey Hearing Foundation to give away hundreds of free hearing aids in the Philippines.

Watch (and weep) as their lives are turned around by technology in a matter of minutes.

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