'Human Poo' Rains Down On Jacinda Cambra's 16th Birthday Party

In terms of things you don’t want happening at your 16th birthday party, a torrent of human poo raining down from the sky is pretty high on the list.

Sadly for Jacinda Cambra, that’s exactly what she seems to have got.

The Pennsylvanian teenager was celebrating with her family and friends when an overhead plane is believed to have deposited a lumpy spray of suspected human waste over the proceedings.

Happy Birthday Jacinda! (Now take cover...)

As poo showered loudly onto a canvas garden canopy and coated exposed furniture – including a baby's high chair, Cambray grabbed a hose in an attempt to wash off the detritus.

His sister Kristie Rogy told the channel: “We just got done with cake, thank God, we took the cake back in, because within two minutes, something fell from the sky, it was brown, it was everywhere, it got on everything.”

Her son Donovan exclaimed: “I was eating cake and then I just heard a big splat!”

Using a phone app, Rogy discovered there were five planes flying overhead at the time of the brown storm.

Yet airborne poo problems are reported with some frequency.

In 2012, a New York couple said they were splattered with airborne waste from an airplane as it flew overhead.

In 2013, a woman in Britain reported that a frozen chunk of waste had crashed through her roof.

Last year, a New Zealand woman whose home was pelted with what she says was human waste from an airplane was furious when the country's Civil Aviation Administration tried to blame the mess on ducks.

"I fought it hard. We got tests done that proved it was human matter and even at that point the CAA still kicked their heels in, they wouldn't have a bar of it," the dumping victim, who did not want to be named, told The New Zealand Herald.

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