Dead Taxi Driver Victor Perez Cardona Is Placed At The Wheel For His Wake

A taxi driver who lost his battle with cancer has been immortalized behind the wheel of his cab at his wake.

Victor Perez Cardona had told his daughter Generosa Perez that he wanted to do “something different”, El Nuevodia reports.

In honouring that wish, the 73-year-old was placed in his Toyota Corolla, and some mourners chose to be photographed riding in the cab alongside him.

Victor Perez Cardona takes his last fare

Cardona’s body was placed on display in a Puerto Rico funeral home until his burial on Monday. Mashable writes a floral wreath lay in the back seat of the cab - his final fare.

It’s not the first time a wake has featured a deceased in this somewhat unusual manner.

The Puerto Rican fighter’s family honoured his dying wish by propping up his corpse in the corner of a fake boxing ring to memorialise his career.

Puerto Rico Taxi Wake

Dead taxi driver at the wheel

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