Instagram's New Email Feature Is An Instaupdate On All The Pictures You've Missed


If you have an Instagram account and don't check it every hour like all the other Instagrammers on this planet, you're to blame for the photo-sharing app's new email feature.

Instagram has announced that it will send its users, now at 300 million, a "Highlights" email that collates the best posts from people you follow.

While this will probably be bad news to those of us who already live with overflowing inboxes, Instagram is hoping its Highlights email will draw you into an endless scrolling marathon (which in theory should make the app more money).

Instagram will argue that the new email feature will help users, especially those who are following thousands, wade through the noise of busy feeds and only get posts from the people that matter.

So if you're following the relatively new Instagrammer Silvio Berlusconi and haven't been regularly checking into your account, the Highlights email digest could save you from missing out on Berlusconi's selfies.

E a fine giornata... un #selfie e un #sorriso. #Ciao #Campania! #regionali2015 #forzaitalia #Napoli #politica #igersitalia

A photo posted by Silvio Berlusconi (@silvioberlusconi2015) on

The new feature reportedly does not have an unsubscribe function and it's similar to Twitter's email digest that also sends out daily alerts.

For the sake of our sanity, please get back to scrolling through your Instagram feeds and save us from one more unneeded email.

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