Adorable Two-Year-Old Has To Say Goodbye To His Best Friend: The Local Recycling Truck Driver

This two-year-old has made his first best friend, who he looks forward to seeing every Friday.

They don't meet in a playgroup or at the park, but at the end of Deacon Ross's garden path, as Deacon has taken a liking to "O-Dee", the guy who drives the recycling truck and collects people's rubbish along his road.

Little did the truck driver know that he had a huge fan.

"Who is your best friend?" the reporter asks Deacon in the video.

"O-Dee" he says.

His mum explains that this is his first best friend, someone who has taught him what friendship is.

But the family are moving house, which means young Deacon will no longer see his best friend collect the rubbish every week.

In the video, O-Dee drives up with the young two-year-old waiting for him on the path, and they have a short fist pump and a hug.

Deacon's mother tells the driver about his new baby brother - the reason they are having to move and no longer see O-Dee anymore.

It seems he was unaware what an idol he played in Deacon's life and he scoops up the young boy and gives him a huge hug.

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