Kids Games That Would Make Brilliant Sports Including Pillow Fights And Thumb Wars


Don't kids just play the best games when they're young?

Okay, take away the iPad from the mix and think about games that DON'T involve technology.

This video takes inspiration from those fun activities that you might have played when you were younger... but in the form of sports.

What if huge budgets were put behind these simple games and put on the TV sports channels? Let's take a look.


Imagine if It was played on a huuuge level. Marathon level. It would be the type of game that's incredibly tense to watch on TV. If only...

Duck, Duck, Goose

Probably one of the most simple yet addictive games to play when you were younger - would people sit in front of the TV for hours to watch it played en masse?

Thumb Wars

So these might not just be a game for kids, but winning a thumb war is a small victory in itself. Could champions take on champions in a national sport?

Find out other brilliant kid's games that could be sports by watching the video.

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