Smoked Salmon Infused With Cannabis Is Now A Thing

In what could be the most bizarre foodie experiment ever, a bagel shop in Denver has infused salmon with cannabis in honour of 420, the unofficial stoner holiday celebrated by cannabis-lovers everywhere on April 20th.

The owner of Rosenbergs Bagels, Joshua Pollack, and the shop's general manager, Nicky AKA 'The Fish,' spent days perfecting their cannabis-smoked salmon to tuck in to on 420 last month.

The process started with the duo extracting THC, the powerful psychoactive chemical, from the marijuana by infusing it in an alcohol solution.

The potent extract was then smothered over the fish and left for cure for 72 hours, before it was smoked.

Nicky 'The Fish,' a self-proclaimed 'salmon messiah,' said in a video: "to my knowledge, no one has ever done this before."

He added: "The old saying is that you should slice smoked salmon so thin that you can read it through the New York Times. I guess for this salmon you'd slice it so thin you can read it through the High Times."

Cannabis consumption is legal in the state of Colarado, but only for personal use, so Rosenbergs Bagels' customers weren't able to sample the owner's unique creation.

420 originated in the US, but has steadily spread across the world. This year, the UK saw a huge number of 420 events, one of which was held at London's Hyde Park.

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