"If 'wine moms' can be a punchline on a punny item in a gift shop, moms who responsibly consume cannabis should absolutely be embraced by the wider culture."
If plans come into force, the city's brothels could also be shut down.
The former leader spoke out after Sadiq Khan was hit by a shadow cabinet backlash
Shadow cabinet members are angry at Khan's intervention and fear it will help the Tories in the general election.
Dabbled in early adulthood? You'll want to read this new research.
According to a new study, it's more complicated than just lighting one up though.
Sports stars and celebs have thrown their support behind the athlete who'll now miss the 100-meter sprint at the Tokyo Olympics.
Just three NHS prescriptions have been given out since medical cannabis was legalised in 2018, it's been suggested.
Boris Johnson has “absolutely no intention of legalising cannabis” because “illicit drugs destroy lives”, Downing Street says.
As customers in European cities line up to stockpile food and hand sanitisers, some Dutch shoppers have new priorities after the government announced cannabis cafe closures on Sunday. People queued up just minutes after ministers ordered most businesses and schools shut down in a televised press conference.