Martin Passeri Disqualified From Surfing Competition For Taking Disabled Man Into The Waves

Pro-Surfer Disqualified From Competition For The Greatest Reason Ever

Professional surfer Martin Passeri has stunned fans with a truly selfless act which got him disqualified from a competition.

The five-time Argentinian champion was thrown out of the the national Argentine Surf Championship for helping a paralysed man realise his dream of competing on the waves.

Nicolás Gallegos was left unable to walk after an accident left him in a wheelchair at 18 years old. Watching a competition from the sidelines 20 years later, he got a tap on the shoulder from Passeri. Making a seemingly career-changing decision, the veteran surf champ took Gallegos out into the water on his back.

Passeri was sadly disqualified from the competition, but who needs a trophy when you've got the feeling of helping someone ride their first wave for 20 years? He may not have won the competition, but he's won our hearts.

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