27/05/2015 08:43 BST | Updated 27/05/2015 08:59 BST

World's Largest Image Captures Mont Blanc Mountain In Stunning Detail

The world's largest image, made up of 365 billion pixels has captured a very detailed panoramic view of Mont Blanc.

A team of five photographers have stitched together 70,000 images to deliver a high-resolution photograph that allows the viewer to pick out the tiniest climbers in the distance, simply by zooming in.

Led by Italian photographer Filippo Bengeni, the group spent two weeks in -10 degrees-centigrade to deliver the In2White project.

The final high-resolution picture is so incredibly detailed that Bengeni and team have helpfully included a tour function on the image that gives you a quick glimpse of all the details that you probably missed at first glance.


They used a Canon EOS 70D and Clauss technology at 3500 meters to capture 70,000 photos, which took two months to edit together in postproduction.

Hold off downloading the picture however, as it occupies 46 terabytes.

The previous record for the world's largest image was held by a photograph of Dresden in Germany, which was 26 gigapixels large -- still detailed enough to play a more sophisticated version of Where's Wally.