BBC's Advertisement For Disabled Weather Presenter Sparks Predictable Response

Not Everyone Thinks The BBC's Plans To Have A Disabled Weather Presenter Is A Bad Idea

The BBC is advertising for a new weather presenter - no qualifications are necessary, but the successful candidate must have a disability.

The corporation is looking for disabled applicants to join its weather presenting training scheme as it is "actively seeking to improve on screen diversity".

Candidates with no meteorological experience need not be deterred, as qualifications are not necessary, the advert posted in the BBC's job portal says.

The job listing states: "Do you want to share your passion for the weather by presenting weather bulletins? Do you have a disability?

"The BBC does not currently have any weather presenters who are disabled and we are actively seeking to improve on screen diversity.

"The BBC Academy is running a free training opportunity to provide an introduction to the world of weather presenting to help men and women with a disability feel comfortable appearing on television, radio and online presenting weather bulletins."

In W1A, weather presenter, Sadi Iqbal, is given a promotion because he has a beard

The advert states that the role is a training opportunity and that a job is not guaranteed at its conclusion.

The advertisement continues: "We’re looking for men and women with a passion for the environment and the weather who have the potential to become presenters in the future.

"You don’t need to be an expert or to have a qualification in meteorology, but we are looking for people with a proven interest in this area, coupled with lots of enthusiasm."

The BBC advert states it has no disabled weather presenters and is 'actively seeking to improve on screen diversity'

The posting has been criticised as "political correctness gone mad" on Twitter.

But not everyone is against the broadcaster's plans.

Some have drawn similarities between the BBC's advert and the corporation's own mockumentary, W1A.

In the show, which is a spin off from the BAFTA-award winning show, Twenty Twelve, a Muslim weather presenter is turned into an internet sensation - "viralised" - and offered his own show because he has a beard.

In the episode, bosses at the corporation discuss hitting the BBC's new "inclusivity targets" in order to achieve a fairer reflection of society.

A spokesperson for the BBC defended the recruitment scheme saying there is "nothing 'PC'" about offering training to disabled people who may want to become weather presenters.

The spokesperson said: “We are not advertising for a disabled weather presenter.

"This three day training opportunity is open to men and women with disabilities who have a passion for weather and the environment and who have the potential to become weather presenters in the future.

"There are no jobs guaranteed at the end of the training. There is nothing ‘PC’ about offering training to people with disabilities.”

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