Dads Share Precious Memories Of Cutting Their Babies' Umbilical Cords

If you've just become a father for the first time and the midwife asks if you'd like to cut the umbilical cord, what's your reaction?

Some dads might jump at the chance of having that moment with their newborn, but others may be more comfortable letting the midwife and nurses do it for them. Neither way is wrong.

But what would you choose?

One father has shared his experiences on Reddit.

He asked the community:

"When my first daughter was born they asked if I wanted to, and I declined. They seemed surprised.

"It had nothing to do with lack of love and affection for my child, I'm just more comfortable letting the doctors and nurses do their thing. What's your opinion?"

He soon started getting replies including one from a dad who was writing on the thread just hours after cutting his child's cord.

Some others didn't see the appeal (or were too nervous to do it):

This guy was on the thread at the right time, but probably should've been by his wife's side instead..

Either way, it's completely down to you dads...

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