29/05/2015 03:44 BST | Updated 29/05/2015 08:59 BST

David Dimbleby Attempts Scottish Accent on Question Time. Prompts Eye-Rolling

It was irresistible.

As David Dimbleby brought the curtain down on a Scotland-heavy Question Time north of the border, the legendary journalist decided now was the time to adopt the local brogue - wrapping his lips around the word "Aberdeen" in his best Scottish accent (think "Air-burr-din").

Most will know better than to attempt accents in the presence of those with a lilt to their voice. So quite why he would go there on the state broadcaster - surrounded by a Scottish audience, politicians and pundits - is anyone's guess. Twitter, of course, offered a mixed reaction.

Not that the panel took offence. "That was a perfect accent," offered John Nicolson, SNP MP and culture spokesman.

"I've been practising," replied "Dimbers", looking quite please with himself.

Anyway, Plymouth next week. Perhaps a stab at the Devonian burr?