Meet Musio: AKA's Artificially Intelligent Robot That Simply Wants To Be Your Friend

If you have no friends, don't like the ones you have or just want to make a new one, Musio the artificially intelligent robot from software company AKA could be the thing you're looking for.

It's probably the closest thing we have right now to Iron Man's Jarvis since it's designed to be an AI friend that responds to your every need including reminding you of appointments, sending emails, responding to your mood swings and telling you jokes.

The jokes, like Jarvis, are rather dry.

Aside from being a house trained robot that connects with all your other devices, Musio's developers claim the bot can also 'grow with you.' So the more you use it, the more it'll adapt to your everyday habits.

When trialled by Engadget the bot reportedly mentioned eating at Shake Shack based on a conversation it had had with its previous owner.

Musio's developers claim the bot is far better than the market's current offering of personalised assistants including Siri, since it uses deep learning to function as a 'thinking machine.'

It's currently available for purchase on Indiegogo where developers have already raised over $17,000 (£11,173) of their $50,000 (£32,864) target.

If you're eager to make Musio's acquaintance, you should know that it comes at three different prices and not all of them promise the same level of intelligence. You have been warned.

If you go for the most basic version at $159 (£104), Musio will only be able to remember the last five conversations you've had with it.

True friendship with Musio however, comes at the higher price of $599 (£393) and in return you'll get the closest version of human banter.

AKA linguist Jacob Bradsher told Engadget: "Lots of people are scared of AI, but we want to show how it can be used for doing good things.

"[Musio is] going to be a character, going to be your friend, someone you can kind of talk to and have fun with,"

Whoever said money can't buy you friendship obviously said it before the Musio age.