01/06/2015 12:37 BST | Updated 01/06/2015 12:59 BST

Man Spends So Long On Phone Doesn't Realise Giant Snake In Front Of Him

Tim Malone has taken an important step (quite literally) for us all.

He has bravely taught us that stepping forth into the unknown should only be accomplished when all of our senses are performing at peak.

Sadly when Malone stepped into the unknown of his local petrol station his senses were not all at peak performance, he was on the phone.

man bitten by snake

Taking this kind of blaśe attitude always comes with an inherent risk, and in this case the risk appeared in the form of a four foot long (particularly warm) bull snake.

He trod on it, Now as nature has taught us so many times in the past, snakes have a habit of disagreeing with being trod on. So as is tradition it bit back.

Malone, shocked and confused, stumbled around for a while before finally finding his feet again and getting a true picture of the event that had just taken place.

Thankfully for Malone the bull snake is not poisonous, and thankfully for the bull snake Malone didn't tread on it very hard.

So what can we learn from this tale? That while technology has almost certainly given us the communicative freedom we've always desired it has an unfortunate knack of making us just ever so slightly terrible at everything else, in this instance: walking.