'Big Brother' Eviction: Eileen Daly And Joel Williams Nominated... And Jack McDermott Is NOT Happy (PICS)

'Big Brother' Jack Kicks Off At Nominations Announcement

Big Brother has revealed that Eileen Daly and Joel Williams will go head-to-head in this week’s eviction.


Over the weekend, it was announced that only two of the housemates would be nominating, with newbies Sam Kay and Simon Gross given the power to determine who will face the public vote.

The group were gathered on the sofas on Monday, where Big Brother made the announcement, and then played the nominations back on the plasma screen.

Eileen Daly

Eileen looked visibly disappointed as she saw Simon - whose arrival she’d welcomed with open arms on Friday night - nominate her because “she’s halfway through her life”, adding: “[Me and Sam] both think it’s time to let more people have the opportunity to stay in the process longer… they’re at the beginning of their adult lives.”

Sam was then shown nominating Jack McDermott, claiming: “I’m not a hundred percent sure that he would use the prize money in the best way.”

Joel Williams

Finally, Simon was then showing nominating Joel, revealing: “He doesn’t involve himself enough in the house. He does tend to mope around in his dressing gown for practically most of the day… I just don’t think that is contributing anything to this experience.”

Straight away, Jack kicked off at Simon for nominating Eileen, branding him a “f***ing snake” for picking her over other members of the group, when he’d been acting as if they were good friends prior to putting her up for eviction.

Jack McDermott kicks off with the group

After being told to calm down by the group, Big Brother then gave Jack the chance to save himself, or one of his fellow nominees, using the last of his immunity passes.

Eileen repeatedly told Jack to save himself, which he then did, leaving just two housemates up for eviction.

Find out how the housemates reacted to the news in Tuesday night’s ‘Big Brother’, airing at 10pm on Channel 5.

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