02/06/2015 06:06 BST | Updated 02/06/2015 06:59 BST

Teen Tegan Vincent-Cooke Creates Cartoon To Explain Her Cerebral Palsy Condition To Classmates

A teenager with cerebral palsy has made a cartoon video about her condition so her classmates can "stop staring" and understand.

Tegan Vincent-Cooke was the first person with cerebal palsy to go to her school in Bristol, and told the BBC "it was hard".

In her cartoon, the 14-year-old says: "The absolute worse part of school is walking down the corridors between lessons and the unwanted attention I get from other kids.

"I feel trapped with their eyes on me. I have nowhere to hide from their stares and it makes me feel really uncomfortable."


Tegan Vincent-Cooke, 14, pictured at home in Bristol

"It was quite upsetting and lonely," the teenager says. "Maybe because they didn't know what to say or how to approach me when I'm walking.


Vincent-Cooke is eager to dispel the stigma around disabilities

After writing about her experiences, she enlisted the help of professional animators, a narrator and producer to bring her words to life in an animation.

Vincent-Cooke helped fundraise money for the cartoon by doing cake sales, and she says since then, people have been asking "lots more questions".

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