'Big Brother': Marc O'Neill And Sam Kay Get Steamy Under The Covers In The 'BB' Bedroom (PICS)

Which 'BB' Housemates Are Cosying Up Under The Covers?

After, let’s face it, a pretty slow start, things in the ‘Big Brother’ house are finally starting to hot up, with two housemates cosying up in the ‘BB’ bedroom.


Newcomer Marc O’Neill has been at the centre of the action ever since he made his way into the house on Friday night, and despite his arguably disrespectful treatment of Sam Kay, the two have been spotted looking very comfortable as they shared a bed together.

Marc and Sam

As if the ‘Big Brother’ bedroom wasn’t enough of a romantic setting, in Thursday night’s show Sam is shown getting to bed with the science student/stripper, and telling him: “You stink. Of curry sauce. You smell so bad.”

And they say romance is dead.

There’s then a lot of rustling under the duvet - giving us very disturbing ‘Stimberly’ flashbacks - when Sam tells Marc she thinks his top is “covered in curry sauce”, so naturally he then whips it off.

She tries to make a move, but is asked to stay for “five more minutes”, at which point she then proceeds to kiss his forehead, and they exchange a few more pecks, before his lips go astray, much to Sam’s apparent dismay.

Oh dear...

“I thought it was your neck!” Marc insists, adding: “I feel stupid now. I thought it was your neck I was kissing.”

Clearly there was no harm done, though, as the two end up turning over and going to sleep.

Sam gives Marc a cuddle in the bedroom

We reckon this will definitely be one to watch over the next few days, particularly as Marc has already admitted to “fancying” Sam, telling her earlier that evening: “Why would want to not be in here with you? Why would I want to be on the outside with you? Do you want me to say anymore... I fancy you, yeah?”

See how it all plays out in Thursday night’s ‘Big Brother’, airing at the earlier time of 9pm on Channel 5.

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