CrossFit Fans Are Drinking Breast Milk To Supplement Their Workout Regime

CrossFit Fans Are Using An Unusual Protein Supplement And It Comes From Humans

A woman in Seattle has been propositioned by a man in a supermarket who asked if he could buy her breast milk to supplement his CrossFit workout regime.

Rebecca told KOMO News: “A gentleman walked up and asked if I was breastfeeding my daughter."

“He lingered for a minute and you could tell he was a little nervous to ask, and then he asked if I would be interested in selling him my breast milk."

“I just sort of looked at him strangely and said ‘I don’t think so, but if you need breast milk they have milk banks for that, to make sure babies get fed’ and he said ‘Oh, no it’s for me. I’m doing bodybuilding and CrossFit.’”

The KOMO News Network went on to investigate the claims and found adverts on Only The Breast for men looking to buy breast milk.

They managed to track down one of the women selling her milk, mother of one Jennifer Rowse, who has three male clients and has made $700 from her sales so far.

Rowse said that the men are very secretive, adding: “Even when they call me their numbers are blocked. They just don’t want to be seen or known."

The claims that breast milk helps to build muscle are completely unsubstantiated.

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