Grand Theft Auto 5 Becomes Reality In This Astonishing Video

Imagine if Grand Theft Auto wasn't just a video game, but real life? As we pointed out in our review of GTA 5, the world of Los Santos could well be hell on earth, so turn the pixels into real people and what do you get?

What you get is a scarily accurate portrayal of the fictional city thanks to some visual wizadry from YouTube producers Corridor Digital.

Using actors, some seriously impressive CGI and the sprawling expanses of Los Angeles, the team were able to recreate a like-for-like scene from the blockbuster video game.

In the video the lead character rides impossible distances on a bicycle, punches people so hard that money falls off them and shows that driving a Porsche at high speed is really easy because video games.

What the video does do rather impressively is place the ultra-violence in context with the real world. Imagine if the violence in GTA was as common in real life as it was in the game? The world would be in chaos.

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