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Reality Road - 4,000 Miles, Six Countries, Nine Days - Popstar Mapei Shoots Her Next Music Video On The Road With Volvo Trucks

The world of making music videos is often one associated with glitz, glamour, and non-stop action. What you’d not normally expect is the presence of an 18-wheeler HGV truck and an epic, once in a lifetime road trip.

Pushing the boundaries of artistic license, American Swedish artist Mapei and her best friend/director Liza Minou Morberg have teamed up with Volvo Trucks to create a bespoke and inspiring eight part reality series. The vehicle, packed with props and sets, provides the means and the backdrop to propel the team through Europe, with cameras catching their every move. The series follows Mapei as she shoots a daring music video over nine days in six different countries for her upcoming single “Million Ways to Live”.

“I love to travel and to get the opportunity to meet new people and cultures; that’s what ‘Million Ways To Live’ is about – the freedom to be out on the road. It’s the ultimate song for a road trip,” says Mapei.

The journey, shot over a distance of 4,000 miles, sees Mapei perform with drag-show artists on a truck ferry, arrange a spontaneous gig in the suburbs of Paris, and test both herself and the Volvo SH to the limits. The truck is manned by ‘Epic Split’ driver Jens Karlsson, widely regarded as one of the best drivers in the world, and through eight exciting episodes the crew find unexpected ways of testing Volvo Trucks Services, all while shooting a music video – including a gutsy two-wheel stunt outside Berlin. Badged as the safest Volvo truck ever, will the FH deliver for the crew and Mapei as they take on the journey of a lifetime?

The first three episodes air here on June 11th, with three more to follow exactly one week later, and the final two airing June 25th.