The alert affected certain model year 2014-2019 vehicles with four-cylinder diesel engines.
It is a two-door hybrid that pairs two powerful electric motors with a conventional 2-litre petrol engine under the bonnet. Combined the car will have a whopping 600bhp.
The government has announced a brand-new bill that could actually force petrol and service stations by law to install charging
Sir James Dyson has made the surprise announcement that his company Dyson will be making an electric car and launching it
This morning's newspapers are filled with the story that Volvo is to go 'all electric' from 2019 - focusing on Battery Electric Vehicles, Plug-in Hybrids, and so-called 'mild hybrids', and ending sales of cars with only a combustion engine. Does this signal 'the death knell' for diesels, the 'end of the road' for the combustion engine, and the 'historic end' of gas guzzlers? Well, yes and no...