09/06/2015 12:09 BST | Updated 09/06/2015 12:59 BST

Mystery As 107 Gnomes Deposited In Woman's Garden Overnight

Police are probing a mysterious case which saw 107 garden gnomes randomly appear in a woman’s Devon garden overnight.

Marcela Telehaničová broke the strange news on her Facebook page on June 2, asking: “OK who the fuck has put 100 gnomes outside my front door?”

In a comment left under the pictures, she admitted: “I don’t know who has done this, but I want to thank them for giving me the best laugh ever.”

The relentless rise of the garden gnome

She added: “I have no idea if they got the wrong house or just randomly picked mine, but I’m so glad they did.”

Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed they were called at 1.30am on 2 June to the property in Bowden’s Park, Ivybridge.

The 107 gnomes were placed in a careful pattern of three abreast and 30 rows deep.

The army of gnomes were arranged in a precise formation

A spokesman said: “We have checked the a local garden centre and no missing gnomes were reported.

"This is currently being treated as found property so we are appealing for anyone who has noticed gnomes missing from their garden to get in touch as we would like to reunite them with their rightful owners.

“Someone has taken quite a bit of time and effort to place them there. It has unsettled the home-owner who has no idea why there were put in her front garden at night. We are seeking to establish where the gnomes have come from.

Up close: One of the gnomes

“The question is whether they are stolen, or if it’s a prank and someone is playing a game of gnomes.”

Anyone with information about the matter should ring police on 101 quoting police log number 27 of 2/6/2015, or email

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