10/06/2015 16:07 BST | Updated 10/06/2015 16:59 BST

Katie Hopkins Tells Feminists To 'Do One' Over Sir Tim Hunt's Sexist Comments

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Katie Hopkins has suggested that feminists upset over Sir Tim Hunt's comments should 'go and do one'

Feminists outraged by sexist comments made by a Noble-prize winning scientist can "go and do one", Katie Hopkins suggested on Wednesday.

The outspoken Sun columnist defended derogatory remarks made by Sir Tim Hunt during his speech to a group of South Korean scientists.

The 72-year-old Cambridge PhD graduate said that women distract men from work and should be in same-sex laboratories.

"Three things happen when they are in the lab, you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them they cry," he said.

Sir Tim was forced to apologise - in part - for his comments on Wednesday.

Sir Tim made the original comments at a conference in South Korea

But Hopkins said he should not have to apologise at all and that he was just being truthful.

Speaking to John Stapleton on LBC, Hopkins said that his comments were "not that outrageous" and that too many limits are placed on people's free speech.

When asked how she can defend comments like Sir Tim's, Hopkins said: "Sir Tim Hunt is a great guy. He's a funny guy. He has a dry British wit.

"Now if you take a load of scientists, specifically South Korean scientists who have got about as much sense of humour as my mother in law and she's dead, then you are not really going to get much of a laugh back.

Appearing on LBC, Katie Hopkins said Sir Tim Hunt should not have to apologise and told feminist to 'do one'

"But actually if you read behind those words and you stop flapping your bingo wings and moaning just because you're a girl, you will find that actually he was being quite truthful.

"His point about falling in love not being terribly helpful is because he thinks that it creates an imbalance, and unequal playing field and it disrupts the science."

Hopkins shrugged off accusations that Sir Tim was being derogatory towards woman, saying that he was maybe a little "flippant", but added that women cannot separate the criticism of their ideas from them personally.

She said: "Women won't disassociate themselves with the critique of their ideas. And his point is that this detracts from the science."

When Stapleton suggested that there were limits to what people can say in public, Hopkins said there should not be any.

She said: "Oh for goodness sake. All he said was that it would be more helpful if we split labs in two - women in one, and men in another.


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"That's not that outrageous. This is 2015. Get over yourselves. It strikes me these days that people are getting more and more conservative.

"The walls are closing in and the list of things we can't say is now longer than the list of things we can. And I can't stand that. Feminists can go and do one as far as I am concerned."

Hopkins boasted: "I never say sorry for anything that I said and I very much support him and I hope he carries on."

Hopkins' comments angered some on Twitter.

Whilst others thought she made some sense.

Sir Tim's remarks sparked outrage among female scientists this week, many of whom wrote blogs for news organisations, including The Huffington Post UK, about the Sir Tim;'s "ridiculous" comments.