Watch This Wife Calmly Nailgun Her Husband's Xbox To 'Improve Airflow'

Enjoying video games is something that should be done in moderation. Of course it's often too easy to get sucked into the virtual worlds that we buy into.

Well one such gamer learnt this lesson the hard way when he came home and found his wife out on the lawn with his Xbox...and a nailgun.

You can probably see where this is going. Upon asking what his wife was doing the man quickly realises that what she's doing is sending a clip of nails flying through his prized Xbox 360.

With absolute calm his wife announces that she saw that on the internet firing a nailgun into the Xbox helps 'increase airflow'.

You have to respect her delivery - calm, without even a smirk she unloads the entire clip of nails into the Xbox.

Left speechless the man eventually announces that he'll have his revenge by heading straight to Best Buy and buying the Xbox One.

Now while we absolutely approve of a life balance, we might recommend having a gent

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