Kim Kardashian's Old MySpace Profile Has Resurfaced, And It Is A Thing Of Wonder


Kim Kardashian may be a social media queen these days, but things were much different back in 2006, as her unearthed MySpace profile proves.


The reality star opened her page on the site eight years ago - before finding fame on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ - and it’s fair to say she had a much more modest following than she has now.

Kim Kardashian's old MySpace profile

‘Princess Kimberly’, as she was known, had a measly 856 friends on the social networking site - a far cry from the 32.5 million followers she now boasts on Twitter.

She also had just 73 posts from her friends on her wall.

Among the other things on her profile - which was uncovered by Us Weekly - included her bio, which read, “I’m a princess and you’re not so there!”, while she stated she was “in a relationship”, as she was dating singer Ray J at the time.

Kim now has much more of an internet following

Kim also listed “Home movies” among her interests, which is pretty apt considering a certain ‘home movie’ she filmed with Ray J a year after creating this profile, turned her into a household name the world over.

Her profile picture was also a suitably-posed shot, so it’s good to see that some things definitely haven’t changed as the years have gone on.

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