At the age of just 15, Jennifer Mee gained worldwide fame in 2007 when she developed an uncontrollable case of the hiccups
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It's not that I am embarrassed of these snaps - and quite frankly I did nothing of particular interest when I was knocking around in my teens - but there's something very intimate about my early FB years. They are self portraits capturing a time that I was still trying to figure myself out.
Kim Kardashian may be a social media queen these days, but things were much different back in 2006, as her unearthed MySpace
The key appeal to these sites is our self-perception. We can now edit ourselves. We can show the world a version of ourselves. We can post updates at the gym, or pictures of our healthy food, or rehearse for an engagement picture announcement photo.
Rupert Murdoch has warned Facebook to 'watch out' or it may end up going the same way as 'crappy MySpace'. The media mogul
MySpace has revealed the first look at its brand-new relaunch. The social network, made famous as one of the first true 'web
It's hard to imagine a time without Facebook, but believe me, it existed - I was there. It was a time when everyone strived to have smaller mobile phones and Saddam Hussein was still hiding in a bunker clutching a bag of Funsize Mars Bars and a copy of Nuts Magazine.