11 Tweets That Sum Up Our Feelings Towards Tinder Anthems

'The Thong Song, but only after the key change.'

For anyone who had Myspace, the concept of a profile song is very familiar - it’s the only way to let friends know how edgy and ironic you were.

Now, in the best ever homage to the mid-Noughties, Tinder has paired up with Spotify to let swipers pick a profile song: otherwise known as their ‘Tinder Anthem’.

As these 11 Twitter users reveal, the internet simply cannot handle all the feelings.

1. Realising we’ve all been here before.

2. In fact, why don’t we go really old school?

3. This will undoubtedly help us make choices faster.

4. And help us articulate what we’re looking for.

5. No need to beat around the bush.

6. All our passive aggressive bios are now redundant.

7. We can really up-sell ourselves.

8. And just say it how it is.

9. Music gives a far more accurate picture of our dating ambitions than words ever could.

10 . And instantly flags up potential soulmates.

11. But then you remember that your music taste is f**king terrible and know you’ll be alone forever.

Back to the drawing board.