Watch This Diver Try And 'High Five' The Largest Shark We've Ever Seen

Trying To 'High Five' An Enormous Shark Is Just Asking For Trouble...

Now there's living life 'on the edge', and then there's this.

Reportedly captured off the coast of Guadalupe Island, researchers were greeted by what has to be the largest great white shark we've ever seen.

Greeted is in fact a polite way of putting it because almost immediately the great white actually tries to take a bite out of the fearless diver who decides to venture outside of the cage.

Not content with sitting outside of the cage, the diver actually gives the ocean monster a massive shove risking what would surely be a potentially fatal 'hug'.

Doing stupid things is intrinsically part of being human but this? This takes a new level of detachment from reality.


If you take our advice, don't start hunting for giant sharks to 'pat', instead take up something slightly less fatal such as skateboarding, work your way up from there and finally take to the skies and become one of those people that owns a wingsuit.

Sure it's just as dangerous but at least you'll have some semblance of control over what's happening.


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