Ramadan 2015 UK: What You Need To Know About Islam's Holy Month Of Fasting In One Video

Ramadan, the celebration marking Prophet Mohammed's revelation of the Quran, is set to begin on the 18th June.

Celebrated worldwide, the annual occasion unfolds on the 9th month of the Muslim calendar.

It spans thirty days during which all eligible Muslims fast between sunrise and sunset.

Kenyan Muslim men pray on the first Friday of Ramadan, at Jamia Mosque in Kenya 2014

Those exempt from fasting include the sick or unwell, young children and in some cases athletes or sports stars.

Cyclist Azizulhasni Awang of Malayasia opted not to fast during Ramadan at the London 2012 Olympics

Fasting ensures an uninterrupted time of deep reflection and enables participants to assess their shortcomings.

Within the belief, fasting is one of five pillars of Islam, alongside the testimony of faith (Shahada), prayer, giving (Sakat) and the pilgrimage of Mecca (Hajj).

Eid Al-Fitr 2014

During the Ramadan fast, there is also a restriction on drinking and having sex, coupled with an emphasis on giving back to the community.

When Ramadan meets its end Eid Al-Fitr begins, a festival that celebrates the conclusion of the Holy month.

The closing celebration includes thanksgiving, merriment, feasting and the exchange of gifts. It traditionally began upon the sighting of the new moon.


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